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Individual Investment Opportunities


Multi-Family Properties

This investment strategy is for individuals who are interested in owning real estate and operating as a landlord with multiple tenants. The Distinguished Properties team can support with the acquisition and revitalization of these properties-- no matter if the needs are simply cosmetic or more considerable in scope. This investment strategy involves the acquisition, renovation, and management of the multi-family property.


Home Restoration/Renovation to Re-Sell

This investment strategy, often referred to as house flipping, is one that utilizes the knowledge and insight of members of the Distinguished Properties team and our partners. Our team works with you to acquire properties that are in need of revitalization. Once acquired our team works efficiently to renovate these properties and to list them on the market for re-sell. The expertise of our real estate team, general contractors, and project managers are essential to ensure an appropriate return on investment.


Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) is a dwelling that is an accessory (additional to) a primary single-family residence. Due to the housing crisis shortage, California legislation encourages homeowners of single family and multifamily residences to add additional units on their property, regardless of zoning. ADU development allows many homeowners to add up to 2 additional units on their property.

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