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At Distinguished Properties we have a diverse team of individuals to ensure each stage of your project is handled with care, respect, and the thoroughness it demands. Collectively we have the depth and breadth of experience and expertise  to handle all of your real estate and renovation needs.


Gerren Bennett


Gerren’s experience as a licensed realtor and licensed contractor, along with his business and sales background, allowed for him to combine his real estate expertise and construction knowledge to grow and develop Distinguished Properties. Embracing the core values of reliability, customer satisfaction, and convenience, Gerren’s efforts seek to position Distinguished Properties as a leader in the Real Estate Development industry offering a one-stop-shop to ensure all real estate, renovation, investment, and development needs are met.  

Gerren began his career in real estate in 2008 and was introduced to construction in 2010 during the renovation of his first home. Gerren has maintained an active license while also working as a sales executive within the educational sales and technology space. The tandem approach of working as a realtor, while also overseeing a very successful educational sales team, has been the driving force of Gerren’s business approach for operating the company.


Tara Perry


Tara is a licensed realtor with roughly 15 years of experience in real estate. Tara has worked through many facets of the real estate process as a Transaction Coordinator, Property Manager, and Sales Agent. Tara has an immense knowledge of business and has a strong focus on building meaningful relationships with the customers we serve.

Tara oversees real estate efforts for the Distinguished team while also working closely with many of our real estate partners to coordinate proper support for all real estate activity. She works to oversee the facilitation of contracts and house showings while also developing and keeping a keen awareness of trends throughout the Los Angeles real estate community.


Donald Smith


Donald serves as a Project Manager and works to ensure the successful completion of all projects. As a Project Manager, Donald works closely with our construction teams to ensure projects are completed as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Donald offers consistent communication to customers regarding the status of the project. He constructs and organizes a project calendar and timeline to ensure appropriate members of the Distinguished team are ready to conduct their trade at the appropriate time. He is responsible for coordinating deliveries of materials required throughout the project and works alongside the CEO to ensure vendor relations are maintained, developed and fostered; allowing Distinguished Properties to have preferred vendor relationships that offer savings that our team is able to pass on to our customers.


Jennifer Simms


Jennifer serves in the role of Real Estate Transaction Coordinator where she supports our clients through each stage of the real estate transaction, from contract to closing.

Jennifer’s experience has been instrumental in her success as a Transaction Coordinator/ Manager. Jennifer’s immense knowledge is essential in supporting our clients through the phases of the contract, working closely with our real estate team and partners to ensure a successful close of escrow. Her love and passion is centered on supporting our clients and agents to ensure organization with the paperwork involved in a transaction. Jennifer also works to support broker partners to stay in compliance with files to meet proper DRE guidelines.


Noah Whitney


Noah serves as an Investment Specialist where he works directly with the CEO and real estate team to analyze deals and ensure investors have the best opportunity for desired returns. His experience working as a Financial Advisor with high profile clients in the sports and entertainment industry brings a unique perspective to our company. Noah’s experience allows for him to analyze each deal, and relay that information to our investors for a clear and thorough explanation on investment opportunities.

Noah’s passion and drive are essential to our business development and sales for our investment strategies and approach. He works tirelessly in coordinating meetings and support to bring investment updates to members of our investment team, while also prospecting and seeking projects that may be of interest to the investors we serve.


Ariana Arjona


Ariana oversees the implementation of Distinguished Properties marketing efforts with a targeted focus on the company’s social media marketing strategy.

Ariana has a bachelor's degree in Social Communications. She has worked on Digital Marketing campaigns for the last seven years, which has provided her with proper experience to approach our potential clients with fresh and creative ideas.


Leon Johnson


As Foreman, Leon serves as the day to day on-site director for construction projects. Leon oversees daily operations and works directly with contractors to execute and lead construction efforts of the team. Leon’s immense knowledge of the various construction trades is essential in his daily leadership as he oversees members of the construction team to organize and lead effective daily task distribution. Leon works closely with the Project Manager to ensure the project timeline is executed and that customers are made aware of progression throughout the project.

Leon started in construction over a decade ago and has a great deal of experience leading construction projects. His knowledge, kind-hearted nature and easy going personality is essential to his success as a Foreman.


Mario Alameda


Mario is an on-site director of construction projects. Mario’s immense experience allows him to provide quality control on projects to ensure all work is completed in an appropriate manner. Mario works closely with Construction Consultants and Project Managers to ensure effective communication is offered to customers and throughout the team.  

Mario is a 25 year construction veteran that has seen and done it all. The team affectionately calls him Super Mario as there seems to be nothing that he can’t do.